“Trusted and Believable Leaders”


The Seven Powerful Habits & Strategies





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#1-Dr. H James Harrington, CEO Harrington Institute and 2009 Quality Magazine’s “Professional of the Year”

“This is a very unique book. The authors have used a great deal of creativity to provide the reader with a step-by-step approach to building a strong trustful relationship with the people they deal with. It is full of exercises that internalize the seven steps to trustful relationships. It's a book that can make a big difference to the reader’s approach to life.”

Key Achievements of Dr. H James Harrington, CEO Harrington Institute

    Recognized as one of the world leaders in applying performance improvement methodologies to business processes.

    Author of over 25 books and 10 software packages.

    International Quality Advisor, Ernst & Young.

    Dr. Harrington serve d as a USA Ambassador of Good Will.

    Recognition: "He writes the books that other consultants use."

#2-By DYar -Amazon Reader Review

This book does a fantastic job breaking down life is such a structured manner. It is a difficult process in life, deciding who and what to be and how to do it. This book helps you literally work through those steps in life and choose a path. Thanks for developing a great book! I loved it!

#3-By Chriss C .- Amazon Reader Review

"Trusted & Believable Leaders" is a great resource for people looking to find their way in both their lives and their careers but who are lost on how to go about it. It helps you to work through your problems, learn new strategies for life and work, and become an overall better person. If you're not quite sure of where you're headed in life and are ready for a little challenge that will get you going in the right direction, this is definitely worth your time. The problems and formulas presented may be a little tough, but that only makes it more rewarding when you finally work them out. It's a book which is intended to help everyone succeed, and that is a wonderful thing.

#4-By Jorge A. M. NJ-POC-Amazon Reader Review
This is truly a fantastic piece of work by Ben Sellitto and company. We are lucky to still have him mentoring and teaching us!

#5-By Guy- Amazon Reader Review

"Trusted and Believable Leaders" is a phenomenal book for both teens and adults. What this book has done is built a map for life that is not only meaningful but also applicable. Each page refreshes you, though perhaps slightly repetitive at times, yet it really drives home the facts and knowledge needed to maintain healthy relationships in both family and work life. It breaks down those complicated barriers and gives simple steps and wise advice on how to build or restore trust. Providing research and creating scenarios, this book gets back to the fundamentals and core of what trust and leadership is. I honestly believe this book will give you a new look at your own life and improve the quality of your relationships. Simply put, you got to read this book!