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Meet the Author


We wish to give special thanks to our Lord for his grace and many blessing as well as the strength to navigate life’s many challenges and setbacks!  This book is dedicated to the youth and those who seek a “New or Restart Opportunity” to contribute. As the oldest of four children and coming from a single parent home, Ben as the lead writer,  started working at age 10, before I could secure working papers in order to help out (working papers typically given at 14 years of age in NJ). I looked to the faith I gained from my grandmother and disabled mom to overcome learning disabilities that caused me to be left back in grade school twice and denied entrance into college. After three attempts and after gaining my AS in pre-engineering I was granted a trial entrance into college. I went on to gain a BS and MS in Engineering and was asked to stay on as an adjunct instructor which I did for many years while working in industry. I am writing this book with J. Barrier as a way of keeping a promise I made to the Lord 45 years ago when I asked for his help in getting an education in spite of my learning disabilities and humble beginnings. Over the past 45 years I have tried to keep that promise in many ways. I feel this book is a stronger effort to keep that promise.