“Trusted and Believable Leaders”


The Seven Powerful Habits & Strategies





Sample Client Feedback

“Immediate and profound effect on our company.”
President of a Manufacturer of Turn Key Systems

“Greatly improved our services . . . met expectation of upper management . . .  feedback  has been overwhelmingly positive . . .”
Vice President of Operations For a General Hospital

“High evaluation ratings . . .extensive knowledge . . .willing to do whatever is necessary to make the program useful and meaningful . . .”
U.S. Office of Personnel Management

“Positive input on the organization . . .very skilled.”
Lt. Col. C. H. - USAF

“Lot of progress in a short period of time . . .down to earth.”
Vice President Administration For a General Hospital

“Absolutely outstanding-Directors stated program best they have   experienced.”
Vice President Operations For a General Hospital

“Outstanding job  . . .extraordinary . . .significant improvements.”
President of a Molding Manufacturer

“Down to earth . . .vast experience . . .achieves positive results.”
Chief of Police

“Your programs continue to save thousands . . .Thanks.”
President of a Component Fabricator

“Gave practical tips for improving union cooperation.”
Operations Manager For Electronics Manufacturer

“You gave much more than you promised . . .Thanks.”
Operations Manager of a Component Manufacturer

“Techniques taught . . inure to the benefit of the County .”
Freeholder of County Government.

“Highly practical.  I am eager to initiate new team effort.”
Operations Manager of a Bell Company

“This process has eliminated “that’s not my job.”
Freeholder of County Government

“Extremely satisfied with results in all areas.”
County Manager of County Government.

“Enthusiasm of employees..& ability to reach consensus on controversial issues. Speaks volumes for the merits of the program”
Director of Human Services, County Government

“Asset to any facility...benefit to management and blue collar  workers”
Major Labor Union President

“Most successful planning process for a church in my 25 years as a pastor”
Religious Congregation and Pastor